Lewis Road Creamery


Lewis Road Creamery is the company that produced a chocolate milk in 2014 that sparked a nationwide shortage, due to its popularity. So, after finding out that they wanted to trust their latest venture to Croxsons, we knew our team would have to pull out all the stops.

In conversation with Lewis Road, it was clear that their latest project would not only require a bespoke premium bottle, but Croxsons’ assistance in hitting some tough deadlines.

After that initial conversation, Croxsons designed a bottle that was in keeping with Lewis Road’s brand yet demonstrated the collaboration with Pernod Ricard’s Kahlúa. Using rapid prototyping and design process, Croxsons produced, decorated and shipped the bottles within 12 weeks.

Lewis Road’s primary packaging material is PET, but in conversation, it was agreed that this project must feature glass as the structural packaging, not only to communicate premium but also to increase its environmental credibility.

The 700ml bottle was married with a GPI400/33mm spec-finish closure in a special pantone gold, specifically created for this project. This was chosen to allow for easy application and a well-proportioned mouth opening for the size of the bottle. The design was distinctively Lewis Road. In keeping with the brand’s ethos and yet lending itself particularly to a higher quality image – the precise arena they desired to be placed. The design also distinctively incorporated Lewis Road’s trademarked ‘cow’ to the base of the bottle.

Over the course of the project, we delivered a proprietary bottle, from drawing to delivery, in less than 12 weeks. This, without wishing to blow our own trumpet, is unheard of in the industry. Deadlines this tough, are usually regarded as impossible.

That is, unless you get in touch with Croxsons…