With Croxsons you can combine precious metals, crafted natural wood, or more cost-effective options with the finest natural, agglomerate and synthetic cork. Every consumer’s journey starts with opening the bottle so your spirits closure should give them the experience you desire.

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Our natural corks are 100% TCA free which ensures they won’t interfere with or taint your product. The combination of pleasing aesthetic and excellent performance means these natural corks are well suited to all types of wine and spirits.


Not every brand is suited to a natural cork. At Croxsons, our synthetic corks are designed specifically to suit your product. With no loss of colour or creation of dust, you can be sure you are putting the best bartop cork onto your bottle.


Croxsons supplies micro-agglomerate corks. They are constructed from sterilised natural micro-granules that are uniform in size, excluding those which don’t meet narrow tolerances. As with all of our products, we only use FDA approved food-grade bonding agents. Micro-agglomerate corks are a cost-effective option that can help you to achieve the same high-quality standards as natural corks.


We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with premium quality natural corks. This starts with sourcing the finest materials from our suppliers, all of which are sanitised and washed to the highest of standards.


To ensure the highest quality cork, we collaborate with the best cork growers. The freshly harvested cork planks are filtered for superiority, cut into strips, hand-punched to maximise material use and then modified in design to ensure consistency. This process enables us to maintain complete control. All the excess material is ground up and used for agglomerate corks which means we are able to reduce waste and recycle what we use.


A Croxsons cork is always fully sanitised. By using a closed chamber system, the cork planks are boiled at 105°C under high pressure so that they receive prolonged pressurised steam. This process removes cork taint, off-aromas and tannins. Thanks to this rigorous process, our customers can rest assured that Croxsons corks are always neutral and benefit from improved appearance and elasticity.


Our system naturally washes the finished corks using ozone and hydrogen peroxide. This highly advanced process further reduces any organic impurities and off-flavours. With three different washing options – colouring the corks a natural, light brown or white appearance – the cleansing process ensures neutral flavour and consistent colour.

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