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Meet The Team

Croxsons is a unique, family-owned company. To put it simply, we offer the best choice of glass bottle containers, closures and decoration to international food and beverage brands.

It’s an industry we’ve been working in for nearly 150 years. And it’s a success that’s not just built on our heritage, with each generation of Croxson adding to the achievements of the last, but also of understanding our clients. Getting to know each and every one. And, regardless of size or scale, offering a bespoke service that completely suits their needs. Combining a world-class choice of quality products with first-class service from friendly, knowledgeable people goes a long way.

Whilst our Head Office is just outside London, Croxsons is a truly international company. No matter where our customers are based, we provide the same standard of service through our global connections, strategically positioned in Europe, Australasia, the Far East and America. Work with us and you’ll see a different side to packaging. Encased, enclosed and impressed.

Meet The Team


Croxsons enjoys a fruitful relationship with a number of suppliers – some of the largest container glass manufacturers in the world. We’ve worked with many since their inception in the UK & Irish markets. And now, some produce in excess of 130m containers a year.

Our extensive network of suppliers has made a huge investment in quality systems over the last 12 months. From £3m being spent on ceramic inspection technology and improvements to the glass cullet supply chain, to committing to spend in excess of £300m over the next 10 years.

This complements Croxsons’ ongoing investment in both processes and people. Through our ongoing partnerships, we are adding to the quality offered, across the board. It means that all the associated benefits are available to Croxsons’ customers as standard.


Croxsons’ close relationship with one major supplier sees a total of over 2.4bn bottles being produced from their plants, from two of the largest, cleanest and amongst the most efficient furnaces in the world today.

We also partner with Centres of Excellence for Emhart – the world’s leading supplier of glass inspection technology and famed for their fault-finding technology which improves efficiency through reducing waste.

And we can offer all of our customers extensive on-site filling facilities as required. The logistics benefit of having filling on the same site as the production of glass has huge benefits, not only for efficiency and profitability, but more importantly, for the environment.

Another area of sustainability where we can add great expertise is rightweighting. Whilst lightweighting was a recent popular initiative, the cost savings, process efficiencies and marketing possibilities were often outweighed by a container that compromised the consumer’s experience.

The middle ground is rightweighting – the creation of a packaging where containers are designed lighter, but still retain their efficient qualities.

At Croxsons, we always use rightweighting when developing a new product or renewing a mould set. We work on the basis that by lightweighting the design initially, we will be able to find the rightweight during the design process. Every brand and product has a ‘sweet spot’. It’s our job to find it.

Where It All Began

Croxsons is one of the UK’s oldest independent glass bottle businesses. Our proud 150 year history dates back to 1872 when William Croxson established his wholesale bottle merchant business in London.

With the family name and family business going as strong as ever, we’ve seen a huge evolution of the company, especially over the last 40 years. Building on the vision of chairman James Croxson, we are now well-established as an international expert in single-source, multi-choice glass packaging.

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