As part of Balblair’s whisky rebrand launch, Croxsons produced a bespoke bottle for their 25-year-old whisky, in a small run of approximately 6,000 bottles. The bespoke bottle features a heavy base and tempered body, whilst retaining Balblair’s distinctive upper brow on the front and added sophisticated embossing on the rear.



Eden Mill turned to Croxsons to transform their existing gin bottle from ceramic to glass. The resulting bespoke bottle took design cues from Eden Mill’s whisky bottle to maintain brand continuity. From design through to the closure, decoration and logistics, Croxsons was with Eden Mill every step of the way.

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Barker’s of Geraldine is a thriving farm in New Zealand that produces jams, chutneys, soda, syrups, fruit spritzers and condiments. Over the past five years, Croxsons has provided bespoke jars and bottles in unique sizes for their range of products. To date, we have supplied Barker’s with 3.2 million containers and 6 million closures.


glass containers

Croxsons’ expertise in providing brands with the perfect glass container spans 150 years. We’ve seen it all and we understand what works. So why not tap into this knowledge and create a bespoke container for your brand? One that blends all the best qualities from different bottle types and adds the originality your product deserves. From food to spirits, Croxsons can deliver them all.

We understand how painstaking your journey has been to create a flawless product. Finding a container that is a worthy match is the final step. With a minimum of just 25,000 containers per run, it’s more accessible than you might think.

For limited edition runs, to a complete restyle of your brand’s container, Croxsons has the answer.


eye-catching design

As well as having excellent shelf presence, a unique container also provides unparalleled brand awareness for your product. The best bespoke containers are instantly recognisable, which makes them iconic.

When creating your own style, our in-house design team can support you every step of the way. We want to give you an eye-catching container to be proud of.

A bespoke shape, embossed markings or added indentation can make all the difference when catching your customer’s eye. We can even create a glass colour that is unique to your brand – think Bombay Sapphire Blue. It’s time to go bold, and Croxsons is here to do just that.

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Bespoke Decoration

A glass container becomes so much more when you add decoration. You don’t need a bespoke bottle, either. We can do printing, spraying and frosting to provide even the most ordinary of bottles with that extra touch of originality. And let’s not forget closures – from corks to capsules and ROPP caps, we can design something distinctive for your brand.

With different types of cork, capsules that enable printing and bold colours, and all kinds of ROPP caps and more to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Spraying your glass container gives a whole host of design options. From metallic to high-gloss, and gradients, vignette and frosting, we can help you decide.


With screen printing and foil stamping, etching and 3D embossing, Croxsons can bring your ideas to life.




From new start-ups to established clients, we’ll work together to understand your needs and offer guidance and advice.


Off-the-shelf, bespoke, enhanced. We’ll review all the options with you and then produce a perfectly matched design.


This is about harmonising brand and spirits bottle. Using 3D modelling, we apply our knowledge and configure your design.


From cork to plastics and fire branding to embossing and de-bossing. This is the marriage between closure and glass.


Decoration creates originality in a congested market. From start to finish, we can manage the process for you.