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Available in both traditional pry-off and twist-off versions, our beer crowns are not just an essential part of the bottle, they also guarantee maximum seal pressure. This gives you reassurance that your beer will remain airtight. These closures are organoleptically neutral and meet all compliance standards and regulations.


ETP (electrolytic tin plate) provides a brighter finish and greater versatility. An ideal option for a more luxurious finish, ETP comes with an increased number of corrugations on the shell to provide a better opening experience. We use physical barrier liners to prevent environmental micro pollutants


TFS (tin free steel) provides crowns with a duller finish. It is a popular choice and the material we supply to the majority of our customers. A cost-efficient option, the material’s main advantage is that it will rust less. As with all of our crowns, we can offer lighter and more cost-efficient versions that provide the same performance, with a reduction in the metal thickness.

The dull finish means that it is well suited to pantone specific decoration. It’s your bottle – it’s your choice.


Croxsons can supply two materials for your swing top closures for beer: ceramic and plastic. Ceramic is a high-end option that can also help your brand to position itself as plastic-free. Whether you choose plastic or ceramic, all of our swing tops come with a stopper, rubber seal and strong metal clasp which makes them easy to seal and re-seal.


Crown printing can help to illustrate your beer’s visual identity and show the type of beer that has been brewed. Choose from options such as lithograph, colour offset and laser-printing to highlight your brand’s individuality.