Soft Drinks




Our MCA closures (twist caps) come in both plastic and aluminium. Whether you choose to include features such as tamper evidence and external (or even internal) decoration, all of our options are guaranteed to keep your product airtight. These closures are ideal for a wide range of soft drinks and beverages and are compatible with nearly all sterilising, pasteurisation and hot-filling processes.


Our aluminium screwcaps come with a tamper-proof band and PVC-plastisol liner. Choose from either a split-band or drop-band breakaway band. Whether your product is still or carbonated, these caps are suitable for glass, PET and a wide variety of bottle necks.



Our plastic MCA closures are organoleptically neutral, making them ideal for the PET bottles most commonly used for water and soft drinks. These plastic caps are made with raw materials which adhere to all international quality controls.