Lifestyle and Beauty



As an emerging sector, we are opening up the packaging possibilities for all kinds of lifestyle and beauty related products.

Croxsons can provide single-source packaging solutions for branded candles, reed diffusers, perfumes, cosmetics and personal care. The diverse nature of glass enables products to be totally transformed with colourful and contemporary packaging, creating a desirable aesthetic that cannot be ignored. We can also offer a blend of PCR content and plant-based materials to boost your sustainability credentials.

With such a busy and competitive marketplace, it’s all about ensuring your design is highly visible and doesn’t get lost in the background. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the packaging will be on display at home, which can greatly influence the purchasing decision of consumers.

We have invested heavily in a new dedicated Lifestyle & Beauty team. Leading specialists who bring together many years of industry experience and knowledge. Combined with our extensive supplier network and global reach, they can ensure every project is delivered effectively on time and on budget.

Improve Your Sustainable Image

Every brand has its own set of requirements, and that includes meeting new sustainable measures like Extended Producer Responsibility, which demands that plastic packaging contains a minimum of 30% PCR. The level of PCR can affect aesthetics, so a fully decorated container would require a higher content.

Glass on the other hand, is truly sustainable and can be recycled infinitely without losing any of its properties. We also offer bio-resin materials, where oil is obtained from plants rather than crude oil. Or choosing a blend of PCR and plant-based content is a great strategic option for your brand.

Personal Packaging Consultants

Croxsons can manage all aspects of your brand’s packaging design, manufacture and delivery. Projects big or small, whatever you have in mind, we can personally guide you every step of the way.


Image is everything. That’s why we work closely to understand your home, health or beauty project, so we can help you design something unique.


Off-the-shelf, bespoke or enhanced. Choose colourful, contemporary packaging and design an aesthetically pleasing product.


Harmonise brand image and bottle design with 3D modelling to achieve a clean, luxurious finish that your customers will love.


From cork and plastics to fire branding, embossing and de-bossing, enhance your home, beauty and wellness brand with the perfect closure.


We manage the decorating process from start to finish and make sure your product is highly visible in a competitive market.


With intelligent warehousing and global marketplace experience, we manage logistics from design to destination.


Let Croxsons make your brand look and feel good.