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Natural Cork BarTops
  • Natural Cork BarTops

Natural corks bar tops are the natural choice for all types of spirits. They combine pleasing aesthetics with excellent performance. The cork used is harvested by hand by farmers, who like many generations before them, tend to the trees throughout the year.

The planks are subjected to high pressure steaming to ensure neutrality and then are inspected visually by a team with decades of experience. This is just the first part of the grading process, which ensures customers get the right quality cork for their brands, time after time.

Of course, the choice of top for a bartop is just as paramount. A great opportunity to emphasise your brand and creating a lasting memory.

Synthetic Cork BarTops
  • Synthetic Corks

20 years in development, we don’t settle for producing a synthetic material that is right for everyone. We know how to formulate the Expancork mixture to specifically suit the product for which it is intended. For spirits, it has to be pure and will not lose colour or dust. It can naturally be customized in infinite shapes and colours.

A wealth of decoration options are available for the top, including deboss, emboss, metallic as well as traditional wooden options.

  • Capsules
  • PVC
  • Polylaminate
  • Tin

We believe that the first impression from the very opening of a bottle until the final tasting, is essential part of every brand’s story.

Selecting the right capsule for a brand is a key element to positioning their brand at the right point. Choosing the right material, design and quality are key for closing a bottle.

It’s not just sizes and colours – although naturally, we do have the full spectrum on offer. This is also about considering everything from hotfoil and embossing to horizontal and vertical perforation.

Designed for products that need an economical capsule, PVC capsules have an excellent ability to adapt to different types of finishes. These capsules are simply heat-shrunk on top of the bottles.

PVC capsules can be customised easily, with a choice of techniques, ranging from off-set printing, hot-foil, embossing etc, all from a low minimum order of 30,000.

The perfect combination of economical and elegance, a combination of aluminium and polyethylene lends itself to brands that need the elegance of a premium capsule, yet hitting key economic drivers.

Like all our capsules, the limit of what a capsule can look like is simply your imagination. Choose any decoration and the minimum order is just 20,000, creating an easy route to stand out amongst your peers.

Tin capsules mean luxury and elegance. A single piece capsule, with no seams, that adapts to bottles of all types, thanks due to its quality material.

The tactile feel of the material also lends itself to a quality and density of silk-screen printing, and depth to any colour.

If you choose a Tin Capsule to close your product, consumers will have an expectancy built up about what delight contains within the bottle. As they start to tear the capsule, they will appreciate that, you as the brand owner, wine-maker or distiller, has put patience, craft and love into the product.

Full customisation is available from only 10,000 capsules.

  • ROPP

These classic aluminium closures need no introduction. With rings which visibly split on opening, the safety of your wine or spirit product can be guaranteed with a tamper evidence band. It’s a proven, effective system – one that offers cost-effectiveness and protection.

Easy to open and to reseal, these closures also offer extremely high standards of quality. With EPE or SaraTin liners, and sophisticated multi-colour printing – either flat litho or offset rotary up to five colours, both on top and inside for promotional opportunities – there’s everything you could want for your spirit or wine.

Customise Your Cork


Synthetic Head
Plastic Head
Natural Wood
Heavy Material
Aluminium Head


Tumbling Wood
Spray Paint
Lacquer Paint
Knurled Head
Custom Colour


Plastic Emboss
Metal Head Deboss
Laser Print
Fire Branding
3D Wood
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