Why has the number of gin distilleries in the UK doubled since 2010?

Over the last six years, the number of gin distilleries in the UK has risen by over 50%. The growing popularity of gin has led to a significant rise in demand, with more distilleries being built as a result. In 2015, a further 49 distilleries opened, meaning that nationwide there were 233 licensed UK producers at the end of 2015.

A huge increase since 2010

In 2010, the official number of gin producers in the UK was only 116, however the growth in the number of consumers has meant that we have seen a rise in “boutique distilleries” becoming established. These distilleries produce small quantities of gin to a select consumer-base, The consumption of gin is predicted to rise further before the end of 2016.

Predictions for consumption of gin

To decide what the future of gin production might hold, we can take a glimpse into the past, when the rise of British gin began. More recently, Sipsmith won a 2-year fights against HMRC in 2009 to produce small quantities of gin (instead of industrial quantities). Since then, small scale craft gin-makers have established themselves nationwide, with the CEO of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association stating that this is “a hugely exciting time for everyone involved in the UK gin industry”.

Gin exports have also increased by over 33% in the past 5 years, resulting in total sales of gin in the UK totalling £900 million in 2015. It has been predicted by The Wine and Spirit Trade Association that this may reach £1 billion over 2016.

Health concerns call for minimum unit cost

Despite growing popularity, there are also growing concerns by a number of organisations surrounding the UK’s standard alcohol costs. Alcohol Concern have highlighted the fact that in some areas, the NHS drinking guidelines’ recommended 14 units of alcohol can cost as little as £2.17 per person per week. It is therefore being proposed that a minimum cost per unit should be introduced to discourage binge drinking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Specialist and craft distilleries

It is unlikely that any minimum unit price that is introduced will significantly affect specialist and craft distilleries, as these are produced to be enjoyed by gin enthusiasts rather than consumed excessively or produced on a large, industrial scale. Instead, it is highly possible that we will see even greater growth of such distilleries and pockets of production across the UK.

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