3 benefits of using glass jars and glass bottles for packaging your product

Glass is a well-used material that can be recycled and has great environmental benefits. With more and more people becoming aware of global issues such as climate change, brands are now required to consider the environmental impact of their product’s packaging, as this may have an effect on the consumers’ purchasing behaviour. Here are 3 benefits of using glass jars and glass bottles for packaging your product:

#1 Reduce enviromental impact

Glass retains its strength despite its thickness. This is one reason why many manufacturers are now choosing to reduce the amount of glass used to make each of their bottles. Croxsons’ Rightweight bottles are a great example of how reducing the weight of the product by only 5% is unnoticeable to the consumer, yet still has a significant impact on reducing the energy used in the manufacturing and packaging process. Companies can reduce their environmental impact and produce their product in a more ethical way without changing the consumers’ perception of the quality of their product.

#2 High quality branding

Whether it’s glass jars or glass bottles, glass can be recycled a number of times without losing its durability or quality. Not only does recycling minimise costs, but it also reduces waste and maximises natural resources. Glass recycling rates vary between 50-80% in the UK, meaning that a huge volume of glass has the potential to be recycled by consumers. This allows companies to contribute to looking after the environment, creating a sustainable ethos.

#3 Customer health awareness

Growing numbers of consumers are becoming aware of the health risks of using different packaging solutions. Plastic is widely used as an alternative to glass, but along with this comes a range of effects such as leaching of chemicals into food and drinks products which can affect the taste, quality and have potential health consequences. Unlike plastic, glass is completely impermeable and doesn’t impact the product in any way besides its appearance.

High quality products that benefit the customer

Not only does glass have the benefit of not physically affecting the product, but it also gives a high-quality appearance to the product. Glass brings a premium feel to the brand compared to a plastic alternative. This means that glass offers a versatile option to brands seeking superior quality.

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