The power of packaging design to appeal to your customers

Product packaging is what encourages or dissuades a customer from buying a product. It’s every company’s chance to communicate the taste, quality and feel of their product through branding and design. It is an opportunity to make the product stand out against competitors, as well as distinguishing it as a preference for the consumer.

High quality packaging features

There are a number of things that influence the impression of a product for consumers, including a range of recognisable features of high-end products. For example, glass bottles portray an image of higher quality than plastic bottles. Glossy, crisp packaging, in rich and deep colours generally portrays a high quality and more expensive product, by giving it an appearance of superiority.

Enviromentally friendly packaging

Something that a growing number of consumers now care more about than before is the environmental impact of the packaging for the products that they’re buying. Again, glass supersedes plastic here as it is fully recyclable and can be reused an infinite number of times without degradation of quality. Recycling minimises the environmental impact from the product production.

Packaging that protects

Glass is impermeable which also means that the product inside is not affected by it, unlike plastics where chemical components of the packaging may leach into the drink and affect the taste. Health is another growing concern for many consumers, as more information regarding plastic packaging suggests that some plastics can allow chemicals into the products inside, with little being known about the long-term effects of this.

Gender specific products

When you’re thinking about the right packaging for your target consumer, you need to get inside their mind. Products aimed at men or women specifically will look significantly different – this is true across many other different industries such as men’s cosmetics. Thinking about the differences in design will ensure that you create a more masculine or feminine feel to your product that will entice the specific consumer that you are targeting.

Packaging tells consumers about your product

Whether you’re marketing amongst high-end, expensive products, or you just want to stand out amongst other products at a lower price tag, glass bottles gives the impression of a premium product to appeal to your customers. Croxsons stocks a variety of glass bottles, from our Super Premium Spirits range to our choice of glass bottles perfect for RTDs. Whatever your product, the bottle used should match the packaging theme that you are aiming for, as this will give the consumer an overall impression of what to expect from the taste or your product. It can also give them some insight into the thought and passion behind the drink.

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