The best beer packaging trends from 2016 so far

At the beginning of 2016, we gave some innovative packaging tips for the year – so here, halfway through the year, are the best beer packaging trends that we have seen so far. A wide variety of consumers with RTDs drink vastly different types of beer – from the more recent craft beer revolution to young consumers or those who enjoy a traditional pint of beer at the pub.

Craft and cult beer trends

Craft beers appeal to loyal beer drinkers from specific regions, or consumers who enjoy a specific taste. This can be anything from Belgian summer ales to locally-brewed beers. The packaging often reflects the culture and market to which they are targeted. Craft beer packaging tends to look very authentic, using a lot of browns and natural colours, as well as depictions of some of the predominant ingredients to emphasize the homemade nature and care put into producing the beer.

Selling a story through the brand

Selling the story and the heart behind the product can be achieved through packaging. Home brewed craft beers can depict this in their design, compared to very polished, clean designs of more popular leading supermarket brands. Detailing is often used in gold and silver foils, scripted labels and unusual bordering to give a personalised and premium feel. Variations of fruitier beverages often incorporate more colour variations and brighter labelling to depict the main flavours.

Clean-cut designs

To appeal to a younger audience, beers are beginning to take on a modern style of packaging or “sweet shop” branding. This incorporates bright colours, very standard and square fonts and simple variations. These are extremely different to more sophisticated and “grown-up” brands, but appeal very much to a younger male audience to encourage them to become life-long customers.

Simple brand confidence

Understated and simple packaging can create an impression of confidence that is picked up by the consumer. The beer becomes the focus instead of the design element, which indicates that the flavours should speak for themselves. An impression of handmade, carefully crafted beer is created, which has seen the rise in consumption of brands fitting within this category.

Packaging to suit your brand

Whatever style of beer you’re aiming for, it’s important to design your packaging to fit best with what you want to portray to your consumers. Regardless of the label design that your looking to achieve, using glass bottles will give you the premium edge and provide your brand with both a sustainable and aesthetically stunning packaging solution. Croxsons stocks a wide range of beer bottles, so take a look at our different beer bottles or give us a call on 020 8337 2945 to discuss a bespoke design.