Show your love with miniature bottles this valentines day

A growing trend for wine brands is fractional-sized bottles. Although standard wine bottles may look appealing, it is often the case the good wine can go to waste once a bottle is opened and not consumed on the same evening. With Valentine’s Day approaching on the 14th February, a bottle of high quality wine is the perfect accompaniment to a box of chocolates or a home-prepared meal for the one you love.

Miniature wine bottles for two

The benefit of miniature wine bottles is that not only are they gift-sized, but they provide the perfect amount of wine for a couple of glasses. They are available in a range of sizes, from 187.5ml to 500ml. These are ideal for saving wine being wasted, where consumers may have been willing to pay for higher quality for a special occasion. This also provides a cheaper alternative for wine-lovers who may end up throwing the remainder of the wine away, as the cost price is lower than a standard-sized 750ml bottle.

Delicate presentation

Fractional-sized bottles are perfect as gifts, due to their elegant design. The smaller bottle can appear more dainty and intricate than a larger scale bottle, and this opens up a larger market of consumers. The smaller design is both practical and has a pleasing aesthetic, and is also ideal for those who may not have someone to share Valentine’s Day with. The reduced size means that there is no waste, so that individuals can enjoy these miniature bottles too.

A choice for a special occasion

Croxsons stock a variety of miniature bottles including the 250ml Bordeaux in either green or flint. We even have a miniature 375ml Champagne bottle for a very special occasion.

Whatever your requirements, rebranding your wine to offer miniature alternatives could offer a whole new market as consumers are encouraged to buy wine that they may not have otherwise chosen. It opens up opportunities for individuals and couples this Valentine’s Day to enjoy the finest wines in smaller servings.

For standard sizes, take a look to find out more about Croxsons’ full glass bottle range here.