Collaborating with Eurostar and Silent Pool on ‘Toujours Gin’

 An Exceptional Collaboration

Eurostar’s Business Premier Culinary Director, Raymond Blanc OBE, partnered with artisan craft distillery Silent Pool to commemorate Eurostar’s 21st birthday with a premium bespoke gin; ‘Toujours 21’.

Regarded as an experienced craft distillery, with a comprehensive knowledge in gin, Silent Pool was the perfect partner for Raymond Blanc. With ingredients sourced locally in Surrey Hills, ‘Toujours 21’ reflects the authenticity of its origins.

Ian Mcculloch, founder of Silent Pool, discussed the selection process of choosing Croxsons as their packaging partner: “We already work with Croxsons as our packaging partner for our primary brand, Silent Pool Gin, so they were the only people to go to as we needed to develop something bespoke for Toujours. The brand needed a bespoke colour, so working with Croxsons meant that we quickly established the right match, and they were able to respond rapidly not only to escalating demand, but also to the short time-frames that these sorts of projects often entail.”

Reflecting Flavour in Design

‘Toujours 21’ is unique in heritage, embracing the symbolic relationship between France and Britain by integrating each country’s native flavours into their new gin. Indeed, ‘Toujours 21’ is “un marriage des esprits” through the cultural collaboration between Raymond Blanc and Silent Pool Distillery.

A Trusted Relationship

The experience of partnership has left a strong mutual respect and trust between Croxsons, Silent Pool and Eurostar’s Raymond Blanc. Expanding their portfolio with an elegant bespoke gin has enhanced the reputation of Eurostar. Similarly, Silent Pool has risen to prominence as a dynamic brand that adapts to the premium market without losing their organic roots.

Silent Pool

Cory Mason, Silent Pool Master Distiller praised the collaboration, declaring, “It’s been an incredible experience working with Raymond Blanc to create the bespoke gin for Eurostar. At Silent Pool Distillery, we pride ourselves in hand-making artisanal spirits using local resources and botanicals. With Raymond’s wealth of knowledge and understanding of flavours and ingredients, we were able to create something truly unique.”

Ian Mcculloch of Silent Pool further asserted that “the end product is fantastic, with the perfect combination of handmade artisan spirit using local resources, the best botanicals and the perfect packaging. We are also looking at the next projects with Croxsons as our partner.”


Commenting upon the finished product, Tim Croxson, COO of Croxsons, remarked, “This gin effectively connects Eurostar’s vast markets in France and Britain, whilst still being sophisticated enough for a connoisseur. As an authority within gin, Silent Pool was the best choice for Eurostar and created a delicately balanced gin. Dedication was central to this project in order to deliver high quality and was realised by each partner, allowing the contribution to create a premium product. Appealing to gin enthusiasts with its intricate label and simple shape design, ‘Toujours 21’ is a without doubt a success.”