Our Successful Partnership with Craft Distillery ‘Silent Pool’

Building From The Foundations

Before Silent Pool’s distillery was even constructed, Ian Mcculloch, founder of Silent Pool, requested the advice of Croxsons. Revealing why he selected Croxsons, Mcculloch stated that “the level of detail and quality that the design demands was complicated to assemble”, and as a glass supplier with a consistent reputation of high quality “Croxsons were the obvious partners.”

 Expanding Networks:Designing The Gin

Utilising Croxsons’ close relationship with Seymoupowell, one of the world’s leading Design & Innovation Consultancies, Silent Pool was able to produce a stunning looking bottle, complete with detailed copper lithography.  Paul Foulkes-Arrelano, Client Services Director at Seymourpowell commented that ‘the design of the lithography reflects not only the still used at the distillery, but also the 24 botanicals used in the intricately balanced gin.’

 The Perfect Partnership

Tim Croxson, CEO at Croxsons, remarked upon the success; ‘we love it when a plan comes together. Not only is Silent Pool a cracking gin, the story behind it is incredible, that added to a stunning, award winning design, is a sure fire winner. The project was complex in design and print, but being able to put the various pieces together to deliver a final winning product is where we excel.’

Similarly, Ian Mcculloch praised the result, “Croxsons not only took the headache of sourcing complex packaging and decoration away, but more importantly we have ended up with a product that is outstanding. Croxsons have been the perfect partner for this project, and I look forward to working with them as the brand and distillery expands.”

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