What you need to know about the Manchester Beer & Cider Festival 2016

The annual Manchester Beer & Cider Festival 2016 is enjoyed by many and features over 600 different varieties of beers, ciders and perries. These will range from internationally bottled beers to locally brewed real ale. The event will be held at the Manchester Central Convention Complex and has been organised by the Greater Manchester Branches of The Campaign For Real Ale (CAMRA). The event will run from Wednesday 20th January to Saturday 23rd January this year.

 What is CAMRA?

CAMRA, or The Campaign For Real Ale, campaigns for a variety of causes including consumer rights, real ale and community pubs. They are an independent organisation made up of volunteers, which began in 1971 as a response to large beer companies making a push into the beer market with low-quality and flavour beers, and to protect traditional beers served in the same cask that they were fermented in. CAMRA currently has around 175,000 members globally, with over 200 UK branches making it possible for members to meet together and campaign locally.

 Ticketing for the event

Tickets for the Manchester Beer & Cider Festival can be bought through the festival website and cost between £3-£6 for non-members depending on the date and time slot that you choose. Free tickets are available on some dates to CAMRA members, or up to £5 for peak tickets. Evening admissions are also valid throughout the day, and concessions are available. Additional tickets for trade or press contacts will also be available between 2-4pm on Wednesday 20th January, which can be applied for here:http://mancbeerfest.uk/about/trade/

Full details of dates, opening times and ticket prices can be found on the website here:http://mancbeerfest.uk/about

 Additional Costs

To save attendees from needing to bring a glass, it is possible to purchase two different varieties at the event: a 1 pint conical glass, which has 1/3, ½ and 1 pint markers, or a stemmed ½ pint glass with 1/3 and ½ pint markers. The cost for each of these is £3, which can be refunded on exit if returned, or you can choose to keep it.

 Catering for all

The Manchester Beer & Cider Festival showcases over 600 beers for everyone to enjoy. Most of the beers available are made with malted barley, however this year there will be a range of gluten-free beers to enjoy too. See what’s on offer here.

Children are permitted to attend the event under the supervision of an adult. No under-18s are allowed within close proximity of the bars, and they must leave the event after 7pm.

Why not head to the Manchester Beer & Cider Festival this week to try something new? All the details about the event can be found on their website.