Croxsons’ 2020 Trends Predictions

Every year industry sectors worldwide come together to predict the next big trends, and this year Croxsons are here to provide you with our packaging and beverage forecast for 2020.


  1. Story Telling Packaging


In recent years the movement to support independent brands and businesses has gained a lot of traction. People are starting to connect with the story behind a product as well as the product itself. Especially with products bought online, consumers do not have the opportunity to physically experience the product pre-purchase, therefore packaging that tells the story of your brand will help form a connection with your audience through your unique story.



  1. A Cider Renaissance


The cider industry has been an interesting one to watch over the past few years, but the new year will see a boom for this classically refreshing beverage. Drinkers are placing an emphasis on craft drinks, and the younger generations encouraging a shift towards lower ABV drinks. The cider industry is ahead of the trend – with new vegan, gluten free and craft ciders making their mark on the drinks industry.



  1. Soft Drinks Reimagined


As the movement towards low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks continues, this year will see the reinvention of the soft drink. The premium soft drink market saw a surge in 2019, and there are no signs of it slowing down in 2020. With adventurous new flavour combinations, and innovative packaging solutions, people are choosing taste over ABV. We can say with some certainty that 2020 will be the year that the humble soft drink is revolutionised.



  1. Ecologically Aware Packaging


Being sustainable isn’t a grandiose new idea, and it’s certainly not something that should just be a trend. However, the eyes of the world were on this year’s UN Climate Change Conference, and both commercial and individual efforts on what can be done to help are on the rise. Glass is an infinitely recyclable alternative for plastic that is sustainable, delivers a high-end look and offers a wide range of bespoke decorative options. Throughout the new year we hope to see brands making the important transition from plastic to glass, creating a better future for our planet and a liveable earth for generations to come.



Is your brand ready for the top trends of the new decade? Now you know the forecast, it’s time to embrace and use them to take your packaging to a whole new level.