union flag beer crown on an Olympic medal necklace.

Celebrate the 2024 Olympics with Exclusive Beer and Cider Runs

 As the world eagerly anticipates the 2024 Olympics in Paris, brands and businesses have a unique opportunity to tap into the global excitement. For breweries and cider makers, creating a limited-edition run to celebrate this momentous event not only offers a chance to engage customers but also to support Team GB with pride. At Croxsons, we believe our Union Flag Crown caps provide the perfect finishing touch to these celebratory beverages. Here’s why your brewery or cidery should consider a special edition run for the Olympics.

Engage with a Global Audience

The Olympics is one of the most-watched events globally, attracting millions of viewers from all corners of the world. By launching a limited-edition beer or cider, your brand can tap into this extensive audience, creating a buzz around your brand. This not only increases brand

Showcase National Pride

A limited-edition run featuring Union Flag Crown caps is a fantastic way to support and celebrate Team GB. These caps not only add a patriotic touch to your bottles but also resonate with consumers who are excited for a summer of sport. This competition can drive increased sales and customer loyalty.

Create a Unique Marketing Opportunity

Limited-edition products create a sense of exclusivity and urgency, encouraging consumers to purchase before they miss out. This marketing strategy can boost sales and generate media opportunity. Promotional campaigns centred around the Olympics and the unique design of your crown caps can attract consumer interest.

Boost Sales with Collectible Appeal

Limited-edition runs often become collectibles. By designing a special label and using distinctive Union Flag Crown caps, your beer or cider bottles can become must-have items for collectors and enthusiasts. This collectible appeal can drive repeat purchases and word-of-mouth marketing.

Strengthen Brand Loyalty

By aligning your brand with the Olympics, you can foster a deeper emotional connection with your customers. This connection can translate into long-term loyalty and increased customer retention.

Enhance Product Differentiation

In a crowded market, product differentiation is key. A limited-edition Olympic-themed beer or cider can set your brand apart from competitors on the shelf. The unique Union Flag Crown caps not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your product but also signify exclusivity.

Drive Social Media Engagement

Olympic-themed products are perfect for social media campaigns. Encourage your customers to share their celebratory moments with your limited-edition beer or cider using a specific hashtag. User-generated content can amplify your reach and create a community of engaged customers.


The 2024 Olympics in Paris presents an opportunity for breweries and cideries to celebrate a global event, showcase national pride, and engage with a wider audience. By creating a limited-edition run featuring Croxsons’ Union Flag Crown caps, you can elevate your brand, drive sales, and foster a sense of community and loyalty among your customers.

Get started today and ensure your brand is part of the Olympic celebrations. Contact us at Croxsons to order your Union Flag Crown caps and make your limited-edition a gold medal winner.

Order your Union Flag Crown caps and celebrate the Olympics with a limited-edition run.

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