A clear, square glass bottle with cork bartop sealing it. Sat in front of a green background. lit by a spotlight.

The Brand Behind The Bottle


A longer shelf life and sustainable supply chain.

For beverage producers, preserving quality is everything. Glass makes practical sense because it’s inert and doesn’t react with the contents. Glass bottles ensure that the taste, aroma, and quality are well-preserved without any risk of contamination. This is particularly important for wines, beers, and certain types of juices. 

Glass is an excellent barrier against oxygen, moisture, and other gases. Helping to prevent oxidation and spoilage, it maintains the freshness of a product longer than other materials and in doing so, extends its shelf life. 

An increasing emphasis on creating a more circular economy also makes glass a sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging option, with the ability to be recycled endlessly without losing its quality or purity. 

Its natural beauty is clear to see. 

Glass bottles are often associated with premium and high-quality products. Visual appeal plays a significant factor in influencing consumer behaviour. The transparency of flint glass not only allows you to see the product inside, but also enhances a brand’s presentation, contributing to its positive image and perceived value. 

Offering greater flexibility in terms of design means that bottles can be moulded into many different shapes and sizes. This allows bottlers to create unique and innovative packaging designs that can help differentiate their products in the market. 

“A unique glass bottle provides excellent shelf presence and unparalleled brand awareness,” says Tim Croxson, CEO. “The best bespoke containers are instantly recognisable, which makes them iconic.” 

Given the sustainable credentials of glass bottles, together with the eco-friendly practices and standout design of container specialists like Croxsons, there’s no doubt that beverage brands can look forward to packaging with ‘shelf confidence’.  

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