Soft Drink Bottles: The Value of Buying Local

As environmental concerns continue to stay at the forefront of everyone’s minds, commercial efforts to find more eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions are on the rise. In fact, Croxsons recently highlighted the move away from plastic and towards glass packaging as one of its top trends to watch out for in the new decade.


Due to the continued trend of premiumisation within the food and drinks market, glass is also becoming a more popular choice due to its high-end look and feel – coupled with its eco-friendly nature, glass is an increasingly popular choice for the fast-growing soft drinks market.


So why are soft drink glass bottles still so hard to come by in the UK?


The key lies in just how rapidly this fast-growing market is increasing. With more consumers than ever before looking for an alcohol-free option, the soft drinks market has seen something of a renaissance in Britain. From health-boosting juices to creatively flavoured fizzy drinks, the soft drinks market is booming – and many glass bottle suppliers are struggling to keep up with demand.


Brands are therefore looking to imported bottles to support their business – without fully researching all options and thinking about the impact imported glass can have on their image. When buying glass bottles from overseas, brands are giving their competitors an open advantage to buy local and place themselves as a truly sustainable business. Reducing carbon footprint is a key factor in producing a product which aligns with end-users own moral values.


Here at Croxsons, we have been watching and evaluating the soft drinks market for years – and were therefore fully prepared for this exponential boom in the sector with variety of stock options readily available. From screw-top, to crown capped, to swing tops, there’s no shortage of soft drink bottles in our factory.


Ensure your company stays in line with your customers’ sustainability expectations and buy British – get in touch with our team to find out more.