Our Bespoke Packaging Customer Journey

At Croxsons, we pride ourselves on our creativity and design. We have worked with amazing companies to bring their personality right to the forefront of their brand and deliver high-quality bespoke packaging design. 

Whether you’re looking for a limited edition run of your product, or you want your bottle to have that extra level of detail to stand out, we have a track record of delivering gorgeous bespoke packaging to brands around the globe. 

Our expertise in providing brands with the perfect glass container spans over 150 years. We’ve seen it all and understand what works. Our team brings that knowledge to the table when discussing a bespoke container for your brand.

Our bespoke packaging process has five key stages. 


From new start-ups to established brands, we’ll work together to understand your needs and offer guidance and advice.


Off-the-shelf, bespoke, enhanced. We’ll review all the options with you and then produce a perfectly matched design. Together we can find something that will fit your brand perfectly.


This is about the harmonisation between your brand and the spirit bottle. We can use 3D modelling to apply our knowledge and configure your design. 


From cork to plastics and fire branding for embossing and de-bossing. This is the marriage between closure and glass. Our team will ensure the closure tops off your stunning design.


Decoration creates originality in a congested market. From start to finish, we can manage the process for you. 

Our new purpose-built home in Sutton is also the perfect place to get your creativity flowing. With our stunning bar, we give you the possibility to imagine your product in a live setting.  If you would like to come down to our office and begin the conversation, you can email us at hello@croxsons.com

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