Croxsons create primary packaging for Ramsay’s Gin launch

Leading glass packaging firm, Croxsons, together with long-term customer, Eden Mill Distillery, have produced primary packaging for the launch of Ramsay’s Gin, a premium London Dry Gin launched in collaboration with the internationally renowned chef, Gordon Ramsay.

Inspired by the Scottish landscape and with a focus on sustainable produce, Ramsay teamed up with the award-winning distiller to craft a gin that was far from ordinary, derived from the very best ingredients and giving a real taste of Scotland. The bottle therefore needed to be a unique design that weaved in elements of the chef’s personality and passion, reflecting a modern twist and liking for pushing the boundaries that Ramsay’s Gin represents. It was also important that the bottle’s production was as sustainable as possible, and that it was produced in the UK.

In producing the primary packaging, Croxsons opted for a bespoke, clear 70cl bottle, made from 18% less glass than the industry standard, thereby representing a lower carbon footprint. Using the ‘R’ from Ramsay’s signature, Croxsons embossed the bottle throughout. In addition, intricate lines were included to represent waves lapping on the St Andrews shoreline – the sea being a shared passion of both Ramsay and Eden Mill. On closer inspection, each line weaves into a small fishtail at the base of the bottle, a representation in glass of the chef’s love of fishing. A small label panel front and back completed the look, together with a Croxsons GPI (Glass Packaging Institute) stopper.

Commenting on the project, Matthew Turner, marketing director at Eden Mill Distillery, said: “From the outset, Croxsons stood out to us as a great partner for this project due to the company’s sustainable ethos and trusted reputation.

“The process from start to finish was exceedingly smooth with Croxsons. They were on hand to help with design and any production queries, and we can’t thank them enough. Since launch, we have received comments on the distinct and modern nature of the Ramsay’s Gin bottle.”

Croxsons’ CEO, Tim Croxson, added: “We are really pleased with the final product. The sustainable bottle looks incredible and the quality of the finishing adds a lot of extra value to the consumer. We look forward to being involved in future projects with Eden Mill as they continue to develop innovative and unique products.”