Health and waste awareness have pushed the growth of miniature beverages

We live in a world where an increasing number of people are becoming concerned about waste. Combined with more and more health awareness, single serve, miniature bottles of wine and prosecco are growing in popularity.

Miniature beverages for individuals

Many of us may be partial to the odd pint of beer or glass of wine now and again, but the standard size wine bottle is not designed with a sole drinker in mind. Instead, the standard 75cl bottle is designed for sharing across multiple glasses.

For those drinking without company, or even between two people, this can leave wasted wine that no longer tastes as good after a couple of days, and cannot be resealed. Unfortunately this can leave consumers wasting beverages and spending money on something that they know will be wasted. This fact can reduce sales and restrict the range of customers.

Health awareness when drinking

Smaller bottle sizes mean that consumers can enjoy the same drinks in a restrained and controlled way, that means less waste and with greater health benefits. These bottles are ideal for health-conscious consumers who want to limit their alcohol consumption. The recommended unit limit of consumption for men is 3-4 units, with women being recommended to only have 2-3.

Limiting unit consumption

The majority of new 18.5-25cl miniature bottles are below the 2-3 units recommended per day for women, with the exception of some of the larger versions. This is compared to an average of 10 units per standard 75cl bottle. No longer must consumers be tempted to finish full-sized bottles of wine, and instead they have the opportunity to buy individual portioned bottles to control the units of alcohol consumed.

Buying miniature beverages

Despite the higher price to volume ratio, the smaller options are proving popular. Sales statistics indicate that consumers would rather pay for a proportionately more expensive drink to have it in the individual smaller size. With this in mind, there is a growing range of smaller bottles available from most major retailers across the UK.

High quality miniatures

Despite the fact that some fractional sized bottles are manufactured from plastic, many retailers are choosing to retain glass packaging for the same high quality and consistency as their standard sized products. Croxsons’ Champagne and Bordeaux collections are ideal for premium packaging that is smaller-sized. Take a look at Croxsons’ range of miniature glass bottles here or call 020 8337 2945 to order some samples today.