Wine bottle design : The power of a punt

The “punt” is a common design feature that is present in most wine bottles. Have you ever asked yourself why it’s there? Interestingly, this seemingly insignificant indentation in the bottle base has a range of purposes. Here are a few:

Function #1 – It used to reflect the quality of the wine

Originally, the primary purpose of the punt within the wine bottle was to reflect the quality of the brand of wine inside. The intention was that the deeper the punt, the higher the quality of the wine – however this is no longer the case.

Function #2 – Standing the bottle up

During the production stages, the punt acts as a way of pushing the seam of a bottle upwards. This acts as a tool to enable the bottle to stand upright, as well as making it a more attractive overall shape.

Function #3 – An optical illusion

Whilst having many practical functions, the punt also creates an optical illusion that a wine bottle is bigger than it is. This is because the displacement of liquid with the indentation of the punt means that the overall bottle size can seem larger compared to other bottles of the same size.

Function #4 – Helps the bottle withstand pressure

The design element of the punt also enables the bottle to withstand greater pressure. This is ideal for Prosecco, Champagne and other sparkling wines, where the pressure could lead to breakages.

Function #5 – Eases holding and pouring

Wine bottles are designed to make them easy to pour. The punt specifically allows the placement of your thumb to steady the bottle whilst you hold the base to make pouring smooth.

Function #6 – Cleaning and reusing bottles

If you want to reuse bottles, they can sometimes be difficult to clean. The punt on the base of the glass bottle distributes the water more evenly, for an overall better clean. This is also helpful when recycling bottles.

Function #7 – Storage benefits

In addition to the many design benefits brought by the punt, it also creates a more convenient way to store bottles. The shape makes stacking a lot easier than if the glass bottle should have a flat base.

Function #8 – Cooler wine in a shorter time

Because the punt of the bottle base increases the surface area, it means that your wine will chill faster. The larger surface area means greater contact with the ice or cold water, so it means that the overall time to cool the wine is minimised.

Function #9 – Reduces sediment poured

Another useful feature of the punt is that it can reduce the amount of sediment that is poured into glasses as the wine is server. The angle catches any sediment that has settled at the bottom, and stops this being poured out easily.

These are just some of the functions of the wine bottle punt, and this is just one key feature that defines the wine bottle as it is known. Why not check out some of Croxsons’ wine bottle range? Or you can take a punt and order some samples to see what best suits your product!

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