Glass bottles and packaging make beer a more fashionable option for all

Many of us will have heard the stereotype of the beer-drinking man, and perhaps a number of us perceive beer to be a “male” choice of drink. In fact, statistics indicate that around 50% of men would choose to drink beer over a range of other options, compared to less than 20% of women, who tend to favour wine

Is it time to change the traditional pint glass

Despite the statistics, a number of surveys have shown that it’s not necessarily preference of the beverage itself that leads to more men drinking beer than women, but that the packaging and way it is served has a significant impact. Nearly half of women stated that they would prefer to drink beer from a smaller lager glass if given the choice between this and the traditional pint glass, as it is more “feminine”.

The changing image of glass packaging for beer

With the growth in popularity of craft beer and Golden Ales across the UK and internationally, it’s no surprise that the image of beer drinking is changing. Alongside the loyal pint drinkers there are other pockets of beer lovers emerging. Over the past few years, the craft beer scene has evolved, and many microbreweries are opening in a variety of locations. This has presented a whole new image for glass beer packaging in the form of the beer growler.

For women, there is a growing trend for smaller sized glass bottles to accommodate the desire for smaller, individual sized portions. Glass beer bottles are ideal for this, including Croxsons’ latest 500ml Beer Bottle which is perfect for individuals to have their own personal bottles. This offers a more elegant design, which may make beer drinking more desirable for a wider range of women.

Benefits of glass packaging for all

Glass is widely recognised for the benefits that it brings as a packaging option for the food and beverages sector. As well as the presentation of the packaging, another factor that is considered to be of high importance is the packaging material and its effect on the beverage that it contains. More and more people are becoming aware of packaging options, and which are best for both the consumer and the environment.

Unlike plastic alternatives, glass bottles do not affect the taste of beverages, and they best preserve flavours without any chemical leaching or contamination. The combination of this, with the fact that glass can be recycled any number of times without degradation, means that glass bottles are often the best option for the environment and consumer alike.

Premium glass packaging for beer brands

Glass bottles also give products a prestigious and classic look that simply can’t be achieved using any other material. Croxsons stock a wide range of glass beer bottles that are ideal for giving your brand a premium look. Take a look at our full range of beer bottles or get in touch to order some samples by calling 020 8337 2945.