Top 5 Benefits of Clip Top Jars

Looking for the perfect container for your products but not sure what the benefits of a clip top jar could be? Below, are the top 5 benefits of using our clip top jars for your packaging needs.

1) Preserving your goods

Our clip top jars are perfect for preserving food produce. With a high-quality, air-tight seal to protect your products life, they will have a longer shelf life. Different from your standard jar, our clip tops come with closures included which improves the ease of use.

2) They look great!

The clip top not only offers protection for your products, but it also looks great on the shelf. Create the perfect artisan appearance for your products, whether they are being used for preserves, jams, or fruits.

3) Strong and mighty

Our clip top jars provide impressive durability. You will be delighted by the quality, range, and strength of all the sizes. They are long lasting, without losing their integrity and can be reused and recycled.

4) It’s made with glass

Glass is a 100% recyclable material that can be recycled infinitely without losing quality or purity. Recycling of glass reduces the need for new raw materials, conserves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

It is also a non-toxic material that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or additives that can leach into the environment. This means your food products will keep that full flavour for longer, to be enjoyed the way it is supposed to be.

5) An all-round star

Clip top jars are not only great for preserves and jams but are also a great option for other dried foods, fruit, and even drinks! Ranging from as small as 125ml up to 1540ml, the possibilities for packaging are endless.

And… we think they are a great option for our Home, Beauty & Wellness sector. Whether you are looking for candles or bath bombs, our clip top jars have a versatility that we think is unmatched!

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Author Josh Webster