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Croxsons wins Gold at Ecologi Awards

Croxsons was recently awarded with a prestigious Gold Award at the ‘For our Planet’ Awards organised by social enterprise, Ecologi. The accolade recognises the company’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability through measuring its carbon footprint, setting ambitious emission reduction targets and implementing effective reduction strategies.

The awards highlight businesses that are not only taking responsibility for their environmental impact but are also making significant strides in funding global climate initiatives. Croxsons has demonstrated a proactive approach to sustainability, aligning its operations with broader environmental goals that benefit the planet.

Tim Croxson, Croxsons’ CEO, said: “Receiving the Gold Award from Ecologi is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and our dedication to leading the industry in environmental stewardship. We are proud to be recognised for our efforts in reducing emissions and contributing positively to global climate action.”

For more information on Croxsons’ sustainability initiatives, visit Ecologi’s website.