Croxsons work with Silent Pool Distillers to produce iconic branded Pan Am spirits

Leading glass packaging firm, Croxsons, and award-winning distillers, Silent Pool, have worked together on a throwback to the 60s, by producing Pan Am branded spirits. The range, which includes both gin and vodka, come in both 700ml and litre size. A gift box is also available containing two-litre bottles.

Pan Am (Pan American Airways) and its branding capture an age when flying was a glamorous experience. Identified by its famous blue globe logo, first-class service, jet-set style, white-capped pilots and blue uniformed stewardesses, the airline is one of the most recognisable cultural icons of the 20th century.

The inspiration behind Silent Pool’s release came from its founder and managing director, Ian McCulloch, whose father worked for Pan Am for 30 years. 

“Alongside the family connection to Pan Am, we are taking the glory years of the 60s as our inspiration – a decade of rapid change and optimism,” said McCulloch. “The days of the Beatles, men landing on the moon, vibrant fashion – a bygone era that is seeped in nostalgia. It therefore made sense to bring this new brand to market in a different way, by connecting consumers to the past in a contemporary way. The range looks great and my thanks as ever to Croxsons – they are a great business partner.” 

In producing the primary packaging for the range, Croxsons opted for tall elegant and heavy trade bottles, complemented by silver cork enclosures. The labels feature a double-sided pattern, incorporating the iconic Boeing 707 tail fin on one side and the other, a take on the classic Pan Am baggage tag, with LDG standing for London Dry Gin and RGV for Rye Grain Vodka, both replacing the airport shortcode.

Commenting on the range, Croxsons’ CEO, Tim Croxson, added: “As ever, working alongside Ian and the team at Silent Pool Distillers is a pleasure. The Spirit of Pan Am concept is a really imaginative take on a truly iconic brand and the spirits look first-class. I’m sure that they will be highly successful, particularly in key US airports, as well as important European and Asia hubs.” 

Find out more about the Spirit of Pan Am range here.