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Selecting the most suitable capsule for your brand is key to positioning it correctly. We can help you choose the right material from PVC, polylaminate and tin. We also offer various sizes, colours and a range of design options, all of which are crucial for crucial your bottle.


Designed for products that need an economical capsule, PVC capsules have an excellent ability to adapt to different types of finishes. These capsules are simply heat-shrunk on top of the bottles. Our PVC capsules can be customised easily, with a choice of techniques, ranging from off-set printing, hot-foil, embossing and perforation, all from a low minimum order of 30,000.


The perfect blend of economical and elegance, this combination of aluminium and polyethylene lends itself well to brands which require the sophistication of a premium capsule, yet needing to remain economically viable. Like all our capsules, the possibilities are simply limited by your imagination. Choose any decoration for a minimum order of just 20,000, creating an easy route to stand out amongst your competitors.


Tin capsules mean luxury and stylishness. It’s a single piece capsule, with no seams, that adapts to bottles of all types, thanks to its quality material. The tactile feel of the material lends itself to a quality and density of silk-screen printing, and depth to any colour. With tin capsules, consumers have an expectancy about what delight is contained within the bottle, making the love, craft and patience you’ve put into the product, completely worth it. Full customisation is available from only 10,000 capsules.

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