New mixer bottle – you asked, we listened…

At Croxsons we always listen to customer feedback. And you told us that you wanted a new mixer bottle for the adult soft-drink market. So, as requested, here it is. We are proud to launch our new 200ml mixer bottle to the world!

While the attractive shape speaks for itself, there are some key design features worth pointing out.

For starters, the bottle is manufactured in the UK. As a UK based company, this is something we try to ensure with as many of our products as possible because it reduces our environmental footprint. Also the additional benefits such as reduced transport costs and delivery times are passed on to you.

You can read more about our approach to sustainability here, or keep reading to find out what else our new 200ml mixer bottle has to offer…


After listening to customer feedback, this is a bottle of taller dimensions. The increased height not only has a improved shelf presence but increases consumers’ perception of value.


With our new mixer bottle, you’ll notice that the label sits in a ‘recess’. This design feature, although small, offers improved label protection, particularly when in transit. So, your branding is safe with us.