Eden Mill go bespoke with Croxsons

The key to making a brand meaningful and unique is packaging design, which can turn an innovative product into a successful one. Eden Mill have been established brewers and distillers since 2012. With a history in the spirits industry reaching back to 1810, they pride themselves on their personal touch, in both their whisky and gin.

Croxsons was enlisted to produce a unique bottle that was easily identifiable as Eden Mill. Their gin collection was bottled in ceramic, but they wanted to move to a glass bottle for a more sophisticated look. Although they had previously been advised that glass would be problematic, Croxsons was able to work closely with Eden Mill, finding a solution that achieved their goal.

Eden Mill were taken on the full end-to-end customer journey with Croxsons. Working closely with the customer, Croxsons made Eden Mill’s vision for a bespoke bottle a reality.

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