A novel design for an Italian wine

Italian winery Matteo Correggia has teamed up with Reverse Innovation, a brand communication and product design agency based in Milan, to create a range of wines with a difference.

That’s because the new Librottiglia wine bottles all feature a short story tied up within the label. The idea being that you can read while you drink – a perfect night’s entertainment. Furthermore, the stories are written with their themes and tones perfectly complementing each wine.

Tonally tasteful

‘Murder’ by Danilo Zanellim is a humorous tale of mystery that blends in with the fresh and light spirit of the Roero Arneis wine. Patrizia Laquidara’s ‘The Frog in the Belly’, is an intriguing story which fits the uncommon personality of the red Anthos, a dry Brachetto with a surprisingly sweet bouquet. And finally, ‘I love you. Forget me’ by Regina Marques Nadaes is the story of a love that changes your life. It pairs with the intense ruby red Nebbiolo Roero wine.

Creativity stands out

The stories, attached to each bottle with a delicate twine, are a wonderful idea. And have been written to be the ideal length to read while you drink approximately half a bottle.

The design has already won multiple awards. As one of the leading wine bottle suppliers and bottle manufacturers in the UK, we can but raise our glass.

Our take on it

As beautiful as they are, commercial glass bottles often need original and innovative designs like this to help bring them to life. There should be no boundaries with creativity, on wine bottle printing, or indeed glass jar packaging.

With a short story in one hand and a good glass of wine in the other, the only thing that’s missing is a comfy chair and a roaring fire. Bliss.

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