700ml Tall Round

Product Attributes

  • Weight : 489g
  • Available in : 1000ml, 700ml, 750ml
  • Height : 284.5mm
  • Diameter : 76.4mm
  • Closure : Cork Mouth
  • Colours : Flint
  • Recommended : Vodka, Whisky
  • Min. Order : 900 Units

The Tall Round bottle is a standard among whisky bottles. Used for whisky from the youngest to the oldest, choose this as your packaging and let your liquid do the selling. Clean, uncluttered, unmistakeable for what it is, we sell this across the world, not just in Scotland, but all the way to New Zealand and other places. The Tall Round bottle is also available in a range of sizes. We recommend using it for whisky or vodka.

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