Where has all the glass gone?

Did you know that there is a current glass shortage in the UK and Europe? We explore what this means for you and how Croxsons can help.

Why has this glass shortage happened?

A main contributor is an increase in demand. This is true for glass jars, bottles and containers alike. As consumer trends shift – think about how gin consumption has soared – the knock-on effect for supplying glass bottles is understandable. Consumers are also choosing more sustainable options for jars, bottles and containers. Glass is the easy answer.

Another factor is largescale maintenance. Furnaces need replacing every decade, which can have a huge effect on an already stretched supply.

With longer, hotter summers throughout continental Europe, manufacturers have also consolidated their glass supply in domestic markets.

What the glass shortage means for you

Shortages, and a hike in price for manufacturers, often go together. To increase their profit margin, many manufacturers are favouring spirit bottles instead of wine bottles. Wait times on standard glass bottles, jars and containers then also go up.

So how can you be sure that this won’t affect your supply?

How Croxsons can help

At Croxsons, we understand the consequences of not having the glass bottle or glass jar supply to fill the shelves and sell your product. We have the expertise to ensure this doesn’t happen.

As a supplier, we have access to a diverse supply chain. This means we can do the research to find you the best quality and price. If one manufacturer cannot fulfill your order because of downtime, whether planned or unplanned, we can turn to any number of others until we find exactly what you need. This keeps our delivery consistent as we have numerous places to go.

With a proven track record of helping new customers who are having trouble getting their supply, Croxsons will be there in your time of need. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure both our new and existing customers can deliver.