James Croxson hits landmark anniversary of 55 years

Today marks the 55th anniversary of James Croxson joining the Croxsons family business. Walking out of school, James had no intention of bottle washing at the family company and had intentions to study photography at college. Thankfully for us, James was yet lured into the business and 55 years later, James has seen the family business grow and evolve.

Having walked out of school, James got on his motorbike and drove to Tower Bridge to start the rest of his life. From lorry driving (and considering himself a bit of a Lewis Hamilton on the forklift), to a salesman on the road and onto CEO of the company, James has had a hand throughout the business.

When James acquired the business from his father, the company had stagnated and lacked vision and innovation. In the decades that followed, his enthusiasm and drive moved the company on leaps and bounds, growing the business from a supplier of wine barrels and bottle washing to supplying glass packaging and closures to over 50 different countries.

James has overseen successive moves of premises to keep up with an ever-changing industry, whilst ensuring the business continues its development in a strategic direction. In 1985 Croxsons bought Alpha Place, in Morden, the building went onto become our home for nearly 40 years.

James has always been proud of Croxsons remaining within the family and his greatest achievement has been the stewardship of the business, helping oversee the transition from 4th to 5th generation of the Croxson’s family, as Tim Croxson stepped into the role of CEO in 2021.

“My place is helping the team with my knowledge of purchasing and export sales” James had to say about his current role in the team. “The font of all knowledge” he adds when asked what his role as Global Ambassador entails. Members of the team have “always enjoyed spending time with James and had a lot of fun”. Many refer to James as friend more than a work colleague.

Having built many relationships throughout his time in the packaging industry, James has worked with a variety of businesses around the globe. He has shown the importance of care, acting as a consultant to both large and small businesses as they navigate the challenges of packaging and business. This has seen companies expand and grown, whilst remaining a vital client of Croxsons.

On top of providing support to businesses within the industry, James has a long history of collaboration and investment in local community. He has a vast wealth of knowledge that he is happy to share with others.

James’ favourite drink to enjoy is a Sauvignon Blanc. In fact, James even dabbled in the wine industry when he started a company in partnership with not just one, but two master of wines. James blended and importing a Hawkes Bay Sauvignon Blanc alongside some fantastic champagne. His taste obviously wasn’t all that bad, as the sauv blanc went on to be voted as the best on P&O cruise liners.

When asked about James’ achievement, Tim Croxson said “James has been a fantastic steward of Croxsons over his many years at the company. He has been vital to the evolution, success, and growth we have seen. His knowledge of the glass packaging industry has seen Croxsons become a global leader. 55 years with Croxsons is a fantastic achievement that the whole team is proud of.”