A white golf ball on a tee with a sunny golf course background.

Croxsons 6th Annual Golf Day – a day of fun, sun and generosity!

The 6th Annual Croxsons Golf Day was held at the Oxfordshire Golf & Spa Hotel, an event that has become an annual tradition for the company.

The Oxfordshire Golf & Spa Hotel is a venue renowned for its beautiful course and exceptional facilities. Although we have yet to decide on the location for next year’s event, the hotel once again proved to be an ideal choice, with its combination of challenging greens and luxurious spa facilities.

The weather couldn’t have been better. With sunshine throughout the day, participants were able to fully enjoy the picturesque landscape and ideal playing conditions. It was the perfect setting for both seasoned golfers and novices alike to test their skills and have some fun.

This year’s event saw a diverse group of participants, including employees, partners, customers, and suppliers. We had 8 teams of 4 players each, competing in a friendly yet competitive format. To ensure a fair playing field, handicaps were applied and the best two scores counted for most holes, with all four scores being counted on two specific holes.

The format of the day was designed to be engaging and inclusive, with the best score winning the competition. While there were winning teams, the focus was on mixing participants from various backgrounds to promote networking. This approach ensured that everyone, regardless of their golf skills, had an enjoyable time.

Understanding that not everyone is an avid golfer, we also offered a relaxing spa day for those who preferred a different kind of leisure. The spa day included indulgent treatments and a delightful afternoon tea, ensuring that all attendees had a chance to unwind and enjoy themselves.

And to round it off, this year’s Golf Day wasn’t just about fun and relaxation, it was also about giving back. We raised a significant amount for Leukaemia Care, a charity that is close to our hearts, with Croxsons matching the contributions.

Croxsons’ CEO, Tim Croxson, perfectly summed up the spirit of the event: “Another fantastic day to say thank you to our customers and supply chain for being part of our journey. Once again, Croxsons were able to provide the best weather for being out on the golf course and everyone had a lot of fun.”

Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to making this event a success. We can’t wait to see you again next year!