What's Going On // Fyne Ales choose Croxsons

Posted on 8 March 2013 in news, beer


Fyne Ales have launched two limited edition 750ml beers, in Croxsons’ packaging.

The beers were designed to be enjoyed with company, at the end of an evening, and the design was created that the bottle becomes part of the drinking experience.

Matt Burns, the designer, comments that “by creating a sense of the night, I thought this immediately set the tone for the product, yet excitement and energy were critical to reflect the occasion accurately, as well as the modern, innovative beer itself.”

Tim Croxson, director of Croxsons, comments “whether a brewer is looking for something exquisite for a strictly premium and limited run, or something more commodity based, the range of beer bottles we are able to offer is un-paralled. Working with Fyne Ales is always a pleasure, and it is good to see a client using a bottle to it’s full potential.

Swing-Stoppers are becoming all the rage again, and looking at these packs, it is so easy to see why.”

  • FyneAles_Superior_IPA Image 1
  • FyneAles_Sublime-Stout Image 2