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New 500ml beer bottle

New 500ml Beer Bottle Launched

We love speaking to our customers on a frequent basis, and we value the feedback we get for our service and products. One thing which has become consistent is a desire for some variety in bottle design.

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“Movember” competition… do you have enough bottle to join in?

This month we are offering everyone the chance to join in with “Movember” as we look back at the most popular drinks trends for men that we’ve seen in 2015. We’re giving you the chance to get involved and get creative, to test how much bottle you have.

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What were the top packaging trends seen at Oktoberfest this year?

As this year’s Oktoberfest drew to a close on the 4th October, we decided to take a look at this years’ event and what the highlights were.

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Glass Bottles

Why glass will always be a revolutionary packaging choice

Glass has long been a popular choice for drinks packaging. Even since the First Century BC, people have been using glass to make containers due to its versatility and ability to be coloured and moulded into different sizes and shapes.

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lighterweight beer range_autographmedia

Bottling vs Canning… a crystal clear solution

Bottling has long been a popular choice for beer manufacturers. Despite the rise of canned beverages, the bottling industry is continuing to grow for small-pack beer sales. This is down to a number of factors that make glass beer bottles truly unique and desirable for alcoholic products:

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Fyne Ales

What can custom packaging design bring to your brand?

Choosing standard glass bottles simply doesn’t cut it in the competitive alcoholic beverages market. To make your product really stand out amongst such a large number of competitors, you must somehow translate the inspiration and passion behind your brand into the packaging.

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Miniature Wine Bottles image

What’s appealing about miniature wine bottles?

Consumption of wine is on the increase in the UK, and is predicted to rise to 24.6 litres per head from 2014 to 2018. This 3.3% increase is set to be driven by a number of different factors including the growth of sparkling wine consumption, led by Prosecco, and providing consumers with convenient options to suit them. Miniature wine bottles, under 75cl size, are predicted to appeal to a number of wine-drinkers that may not have otherwise bought a larger bottle of wine.

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Glass Bottles Image

How glass can give a premium appearance that promotes sustainability

Is sustainability in your company ethos? When you’re thinking about the packaging for your beverages, you may want to consider the environmental impact of your product and how you can reduce it. That’s something Croxsons has in common with many other companies, and it’s part of our policy to make our bottles as green as possible.

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Top off your packaging with premium closures

Whether it’s wine, beer, spirits or something completely different, finding the right closure can complete the appearance of your product. The closure you choose needs to fit with the rest of your design, whilst being practical for use for your particular beverage. From screw-caps to corks, it’s vital that you seal your bottle with something as good as the rest of the product.

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Calisto Vodka

The spirit of summer: choosing spirit bottles for your product this season

Cocktails are often a drink of choice during the summer months, with keen holiday makers and the rest of us who wish we were on holiday enjoying a refreshing beverage at home out socially.

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