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How can choosing bespoke packaging help your brand stand out?

It is commonly accepted that glass bottles give a premium appearance to a product. However the fact that the material used is glass is not enough to make your product stand out amongst a wide variety of other brands. Choosing bespoke packaging that fits both the practical and design requirements of your product is the best way to make your brand stand out. Here are some things to consider:

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Health and waste awareness have pushed the growth of miniature beverages

We live in a world where an increasing number of people are becoming concerned about waste. Combined with more and more health awareness, single serve, miniature bottles of wine and prosecco are growing in popularity.

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Wine bottle design: The power of a punt

The “punt” is a common design feature that is present in most wine bottles. Have you ever asked yourself why it’s there? Interestingly, this seemingly insignificant indentation in the bottle base has a range of purposes. Here are a few:

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Glass bottles and packaging make beer a more fashionable option for all

Many of us will have heard the stereotype of the beer-drinking man, and perhaps a number of us perceive beer to be a “male” choice of drink. In fact, statistics indicate that around 50% of men would choose to drink beer over a range of other options, compared to less than 20% of women, who tend to favour wine.

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How the right closures can complete your drinks packaging design

The closure you choose for your packaging is a major factor contributing to the overall look and feel of your product. Consumers get an impression of your drink before they even open it, so the packaging needs to present the brand, flavour and quality effectively.

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Packaging Innovations

What's going on at Packaging Innovations 2016?

This year’s Packaging Innovation event will be held on the 24th and 25th February 2016 at the NEC in Birmingham. Along with the co-located Label&Print and Empack, the latest developments and products in the market will be showcased this month, along with a wide variety of seminars to inspire those attending the event.

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Collaborating with Eurostar and Silent Pool on 'Toujours Gin'

Eurostar’s Business Premier Culinary Director, Raymond Blanc OBE, partnered with artisan craft distillery Silent Pool to commemorate Eurostar’s 21st birthday with a premium bespoke gin; ‘Toujours 21’.

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Valentines Minis

Show your love with miniature bottles this Valentine's Day

A growing trend for wine brands is fractional-sized bottles. Although standard wine bottles may look appealing, it is often the case the good wine can go to waste once a bottle is opened and not consumed on the same evening. With Valentine’s Day approaching on the 14th February, a bottle of high quality wine is the perfect accompaniment to a box of chocolates or a home-prepared meal for the one you love.

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Our Successful Partnership with Craft Distillery 'Silent Pool'

Before Silent Pool’s distillery was even constructed, Ian Mcculloch, founder of Silent Pool, requested the advice of Croxsons. Revealing why he selected Croxsons, Mcculloch stated that “the level of detail and quality that the design demands was complicated to assemble”, and as a glass supplier with a consistent reputation of high quality “Croxsons were the obvious partners.”

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Manchester Beer and Cider Festival

What you need to know about the Manchester Beer & Cider Festival 2016

The annual Manchester Beer & Cider Festival 2016 is enjoyed by many and features over 600 different varieties of beers, ciders and perries. These will range from internationally bottled beers to locally brewed real ale. The event will be held at the Manchester Central Convention Complex and has been organised by the Greater Manchester Branches of The Campaign For Real Ale (CAMRA). The event will run from Wednesday 20th January to Saturday 23rd January this year.

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