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Top off your packaging with premium closures

Whether it’s wine, beer, spirits or something completely different, finding the right closure can complete the appearance of your product. The closure you choose needs to fit with the rest of your design, whilst being practical for use for your particular beverage. From screw-caps to corks, it’s vital that you seal your bottle with something as good as the rest of the product.

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Calisto Vodka

The spirit of summer: choosing spirit bottles for your product this season

Cocktails are often a drink of choice during the summer months, with keen holiday makers and the rest of us who wish we were on holiday enjoying a refreshing beverage at home out socially.

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The ins and outs of the growing RTD market

Ready-to-drink beverages (RTDs) are a unique category within the alcoholic drinks market. Their USP is convenience. RTDs are designed to prevent the need for any other packaging or items to go with it – for example ready-mixed cocktails and spirits-based mixes.

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Get up-to-date with the latest packaging features for wine bottles

In their original form, wine labels were intended to simply provide information about the origin of the wine. Now, any label or packaging used can be the decision maker used by consumers to decide whether to buy the product.

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glass blog

Glass: A timeless and trusted packaging

Many people are becoming more aware of the health effects of different packaging, as well as leading research into new and innovative designs. However, over time, glass has proven to be the most trusted packaging amongst both designers and consumers. What is it that glass has to offer that cannot be replicated by other materials?

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That Hungry Chef

Croxsons has supplied jars for That Hungry Chef

The new That Hungry Chef range of sauces and dips shows off Croxsons' jars. This food company is a unique style produced by Chef Pratap Chahal, that has just released a new range of Mojo Risin' products.

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Which closures are right for your product?

Choosing closures for your beverage is just as important as the bottle itself. It not only needs to compliment the overall brand image, but there are many practical reasons why you might choose different types of closures depending on the requirements of your product.

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4 things today’s consumers are looking for in drinks packaging

Consumers have such a large range of products available to them. When marketing your product and designing the packaging, you must think about how you can make yours stand out amongst the rest. You will need to consider what it is that your audience is looking for, so here are 4 key things that consumers are looking for in drinks packaging.

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Growler 1

Beer Growlers: A popular and fashionable trend

The popularity of craft beer is growing, and with that is the increased demand for growlers. These glass containers can hold up to 3L of beer, and are quickly becoming collectible for avid beer drinkers. So what is the appeal of these growlers and how are they different to the normal beer bottle?

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sloe motion2

What are consumers looking for in drinks packaging?

Packaging that appeals to the consumer through many different elements is likely to stand out in the vast alcoholic beverages market. Consumers are no longer simply looking for appearance either. Choosing quality packaging encompasses a variety of factors to best meet the need of the consumer. In particular, there are 4 things that consumers look for in drinks packaging:

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