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Croxsons has been involved with the beer industry since 1872. It’s a lasting relationship that’s still going strong today.

The two lightweight 500ml beer bottles that we stock are integral to many different breweries and brands. The smallest of microbreweries take advantage of the minimum order of just one pallet; the largest contract fillers use our logistical knowledge to help ship in great numbers.

We don’t just supply bottles either. As a member of both SIBA and the BFBi, Croxsons give back to the industry through sponsorship and technical knowledge.

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Gnarly Purity

Warwickshire-based brewery Purity Brewing Company launched an exciting new limited edition celebration beer for Christmas – “Gnarly”.

Gnarly is a deeply indulgent, strong black beer brewed with a variety of Crystal Rye, Maris Otter, smoked and black malts, and hopped with Northern Brewer, Cascade and Chinook.

Having conditioned their beer for six months in traditional oak whisky casks, Purity came to Croxsons with this project, a delightful challenge in both filling and design.

Whilst most of their beer is filled in 500ml bottles, we created 750ml corked champagne-style bottles. With a run of only 1,000, all featuring the distinctive champagne look, cork and cage, this turned out to be highly-sought after beer for enthusiasts of both grape and grain.

“A premium beer from a fantastic brewer, needs a premium package. We are seeing a lot of brewers adding value to their product by opting for premium glass and closures. This is already a high growth sector for us. We expect to see more.” Tim Croxson

"Gnarly uses champagne yeast which gives the beer a light and tight carbonation and the oak whisky barrels provide an unmistakable and decadent twist."
Paul Halsey, managing director, Purity

Harry Brompton’s

Harry Brompton’s is a small London brand with big ambitions: to bring fantastic alcoholic British Ice Tea to the world. They made a great start by working with Croxsons and Cartils Branding & Packaging Design Consultants to create a bottle with a real stand-out difference.

The hand-drawn logo is set off by clear labelling on top of our own suitably named Curvy bottle. The design keeps traditional cues, whilst maintaining a minimal colour setting, showing off the colour of the product.

Handmade in small batches, with the finest ethically-sourced Kenyan black teas, crisp craft-distilled grain spirit, and infused with citrus, this fine ice tea hit the fridges at independent establishments across London and the South in 2013. World domination awaits.

“It’s refreshing to see a brand trying something new, breaking away from the ‘normal’ glass packaging options, and using something that looks recognisable, but is different to anything else available. That is what makes a classic.” Tim Croxson

“As always with branding & packaging design, the bottle shape plays an important role; it is specifically important to ensure the design is in perfect balance with the bottle.” Christiaan Huynen, Group Director of Marketing & Business Development, Cartils

"There are always two things which customers say, how great and refreshing the product is, and how great the packaging looks. Croxsons have been flexible enough to keep up with our high demand and delivered a high-quality and very distinctive bottle for our brand."
Ian O'Donohue, brand owner

Sanda Black

Sanda Black IPA is made by Scottish craft brewer, Fyne Ales. The bottle features a label by talented designer Matt Burns and has excellent stand-out shelf presence. We created this premium 750ml bottle with a swing stopper. Eye-catching and successfully cost-effective – what more could you want?

4 Pines

We’ve been working with this fantastic craft brewer in Sydney, Australia for around four years and have seen them grow at an incredible rate. They love the look of our 500ml lightweight AMC. We’ve created this bottle in both the UK and Far East to meet demands from clients all over the world. But the demands are never too demanding – we’ve innovative logistics to cope without worrying if the glass is available.

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