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Synthetic Cork


Synthetic Cork

Product Specification
  • Diameter : 23 mm
  • Dimensional recovery : 98%
  • Extraction force : 25-35 kg ± 5 kg
  • Length : 38 mm

At Croxsons we formulate our Expancork specifically to suit your product. It has been in development for 20 years, which has given us the know how to produce each synthetic material to suit individual brands. For spirits, we ensure the Expancork is pure and will not lose colour or dust. And as they are bespoke, Croxsons can offer infinite shapes and colours.

We have different options for decorating your bartop too, including deboss, emboss, metallic and traditional wood.


Selecting the most suitable capsule for a brand is a key element to positioning it correctly. We can help you choose the right material from PVC, polylaminate and tin, as well as offer various sizes, colours and range of design options. All of which are crucial for closing your bottle.

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Cork Configurator

Bespoke cork to fit your bottle, and your needs. Simply pick what you want, then order and we’ll do the rest. A cork designed by you and delivered by us, awaits. Try it now.

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