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2000ml Palla


2000ml Palla

Product Specification
  • Diameter : 85.6mm
  • Height : 122.3mm
  • Weight : 350g
  • Closure : SwingTop
  • Colours :
  • Other Sizes : 2000ml

With extra wide swing-stoppers, they have a wide opening for both filling and emptying quickly (not that we condone excessive drinking of course!)

Many of our customers are opting to print on one or two sides of this bottle, and with the minimum being just one pallet, it is easier to create brand awareness and to stand-out than you might realise. If you have a simple logo, and you can give us a couple of days, we will even mock-up an image of what it might look for you, so you can visualise it.

Oct 27th - 15:41 pm
New logos to protect British food to be introduced https://t.co/5xyEMpin7t via @PackScot #wmc
Oct 27th - 14:05 pm
UK consumers favour rum during lockdown https://t.co/JmITviFgtx via @spiritsbusiness #rum #packaging #wmc
Oct 27th - 12:57 pm