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GinScape Sea Buckthorn London Dry Gin is a premium high-grade gin made from carefully selected Sea Buckthorn berries grown on the coast of the island Bonholm in Denmark. Matured in fresh sea winds and carefully harvested for the best preservation of aroma and taste, the conditions ensure berries with a beautiful and balanced aromatic flavour.

Next the selected berries and botanicals are blended for optimum balance, leaving clear notes of sea buckthorn in the fore. The recipe is developed and distilled, providing a distinct quality that’s hard to beat.

The Story

Danish company, Scape Spirits aps, distills and packages its gin in the UK, but maintains a distinctly Danish twist that is evocative of Denmark’s famous hygge culture. Their aim was to develop a smooth and balanced gin with the clear touch of total freedom like being at the seaside. In essence, the total escape.

Ginscape Fruit

Design Specification

This special gin needed a very special bottle; transparent, different and one that would really stand out on shelf. The complex decoration on the 700ml bottle includes a graduated spray coat on the front panel with a three colour screen print on top, whereas the back panel was left clear to accommodate a label. In a bold and eye-catching design by Creactive Graphics, Cambridge, the colours fully match Scape Spirits aps’ brief.

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