The Schweppes 230th Anniversary cans and bottles use some fantastic colours - what are your thoughts? | September

Good Mood Honey cleverly tells you to bee who you are meant to bee! | September

Over and above their aesthetic aerial acrobatics, the dance of the bees is a precise system of communication... | September

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Our COO gets rather wet ...

Our COO gets rather wet ...

Our Chief Operating Officer, Tim Croxson, is a good sport. He got nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge, and decided to do it at work, in his suit, and get some of us to help. Here is the evidence ... He has donated to Cardiac Risk In The Young, after his oldest brother, Andrew, who died from suddent heart failure, aged only 24.

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Britain’s craft beer revolution

2014 has seen the popularity of beer increase, with the latest trend being growing consumption of the US and UK craft beer. With its intense flavour of the fruity hops, big on pine, citrus and orange tastes, the excitement of brewing and creativity in beer styles has seen the beginning of what could be a craft beer revolution.

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Why choose glass for your brew? The benefits of glass bottles for beverages

According to statistics, Brits are more concerned about food safety and health than they are about terrorism, public safety and environmental problems. So when designing your product packaging this is something to bear in mind. Regardless of the aesthetic of packaging, the materials used can lead to chemical compounds leaching into the product when not designed properly.

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The power of a label and what it says about your brand

Stuart Kellock, MD of label printers Label Apeel explains why a stripped back label can just be as powerful as one with it all.

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Croxsons are proud to be involved with the ISC 2014

July 14th saw the annual International Spirits Challenge take place for the 19th year. As one of the most influential spirit competitions globally, the ISC aims to recognise the taste, marketing and design & packaging of different spirit brands.

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New historic packaging trends for beer in 2014

Alcoholic beverage brands are increasingly looking back in time to create a historical twist for the packaging of their modern-day products to increase sales and drive consumer loyalty.

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Growlers From Croxsons

Croxsons set to meet growing demand for growlers

There has been huge growth in the demand for beer growlers in the UK, with sales up by 60% in the 12 months to April this year, compared to 2013. The glass containers, which typically hold two or three litres of beer, are being bought by growing number of brewers who see them as a way of presenting their beer in a new way, and building brand awareness and loyalty.

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7 Reasons to choose glass bottles for your product

There is beginning to be a rise in the number of people choosing products which are in glass bottles, and manufacturers deciding to contain their product in glass instead of plastic. Whilst there are a large number of reasons for this, here are a few of the main ones:

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Choosing the right closure for your bottles

Not sure which closures are right for your bottles? We have put together a guide of the basic closures to help you to decide:

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Spirit Bottles from Croxsons

Three top tips for designing bespoke Spirit Bottles

These days packaging and branding are as much a part of the marketing process for spirits as what’s in the bottle and when it comes to offering a unique product one great way to differentiate yours is with bespoke spirit bottles. The word ‘bespoke’ usually conjures up images of vastly expensive products but with contemporary production processes this is no longer the case and you can get fantastic bespoke spirit bottles for your business at a very affordable price. The benefit from creating a really successful design will also boost your business for years to come. To make sure you get your bespoke spirit bottles design spot on, we have put together three top tips on how to get it right.

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