'L'eaundry has taken the everyday laundry detergent and created a packaging that is inspired by a high-end perfume' | July

Gin & Tonic cocktails in a can - do you like this idea? | July

Find out how the wine bottle has grown & evolved into the design we know & love today | July

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Croxsons are proud to be involved with the ISC 2014

July 14th saw the annual International Spirits Challenge take place for the 19th year. As one of the most influential spirit competitions globally, the ISC aims to recognise the taste, marketing and design & packaging of different spirit brands.

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Growlers From Croxsons

Croxsons set to meet growing demand for growlers

There has been huge growth in the demand for beer growlers in the UK, with sales up by 60% in the 12 months to April this year, compared to 2013. The glass containers, which typically hold two or three litres of beer, are being bought by growing number of brewers who see them as a way of presenting their beer in a new way, and building brand awareness and loyalty.

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7 Reasons to choose glass bottles for your product

There is beginning to be a rise in the number of people choosing products which are in glass bottles, and manufacturers deciding to contain their product in glass instead of plastic. Whilst there are a large number of reasons for this, here are a few of the main ones:

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Choosing the right closure for your bottles

Not sure which closures are right for your bottles? We have put together a guide of the basic closures to help you to decide:

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Spirit Bottles from Croxsons

Three top tips for designing bespoke Spirit Bottles

These days packaging and branding are as much a part of the marketing process for spirits as what’s in the bottle and when it comes to offering a unique product one great way to differentiate yours is with bespoke spirit bottles. The word ‘bespoke’ usually conjures up images of vastly expensive products but with contemporary production processes this is no longer the case and you can get fantastic bespoke spirit bottles for your business at a very affordable price. The benefit from creating a really successful design will also boost your business for years to come. To make sure you get your bespoke spirit bottles design spot on, we have put together three top tips on how to get it right.

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Croxsons’ Spirit Bottles

At Croxsons we have made it our business to supply high quality glass bottles that meet our customers’ needs for their products – and then some. We have put considerable time and effort into being able to provide a range that offers uniqueness and choice, as well as being adaptable for the beverage product that you are filling. Our core ranges are the product of numerous planning and thought processes and the designs we offer are the widest ranging and most cost effective of the many options on the market. Below is a selection of some of the ranges on offer.

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Thinking of commissioning a new glass bottle? Here’s how to choose the best manufacturer

There are a number of glass bottle manufacturers in the UK but not all can offer a service that will meet your needs. If you are looking to establish an ongoing relationship with a manufacturer – or even if you want just one superb production run – it really is worth putting a little time and effort into selecting the right option for your business. If you’re thinking of commissioning a new glass bottle then here are a few tips on how to choose the best glass bottle manufacturers in the UK.

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The world's most expensive spirit bottle designs

The design of a bottle is an essential part of creating an appealing and desirable product and key to any brand marketing. For those businesses creating products to sell into the most high-end markets there’s even more of a challenge to produce not only a bottle that really stands out but also one that’s a collector’s item. Whether or not you’re attracted to the flashier and more ostentatious designs there’s no doubt that they’re pretty unique. Below are some of the most expensive and over the top spirit bottle designs ever produced for your entertainment.

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A short history of bottled beer

There is some debate over how the bottled beer was invented but the most popular story concerns one Dr Alexander Nowell, who was a Church of England rector around 440 years ago and also had rather a passion for fishing. As the legend goes, Dr Nowell set off on a fishing trip to a river near his home, taking with him a nice refreshing bottle of ale to drink whilst he was waiting for a bite. However, the ale got forgotten and the bottle was left by the riverbank when Dr Nowell returned home.

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The evolution of the wine bottle

When you’re pulling the cork on that delicious bottle of red you’ve been dying to try for ages, or pouring yourself a glass of rose on a summer evening, you probably don’t really ever stop to think about how the bottle that you’re holding came to be the design that it is. Why would you – your attention is probably on tasting the wine inside! However, the wine bottle has an unusual history and it’s interesting to learn about where the idea appeared from and how it came to be the shape that it is.

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