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Jumping Pourer

The Jumping Pourer closure is an innovation in both oil and spirit closures.

The Pop-Up Pourer springs from the bottle as soon as the cap is removed to reveal a professional-style pourer that delivers a clean, drip-free pour of olive oil. When the cap is screwed back onto the bottle, the Pop-Up Pourer retracts to seal in freshness.

The patented pourer creates an unforgettable brand distinction and is an elegant solution for often unhelpful cork or screwcaps in the on-trade environment and provides maximum flow control, and with absolute accuracy, no wastage. The re-sealable cap protects the freshness and aroma of the product, and is non-refillable, preventing counterfeiting. 

For both spirits and oils, there is no change in the external packaging, as the pourer sits within a standard size cap, and is designed to run down the same capping lines, ensuring an easy changeover.

To see the Jumping Pourer in action, see this clip from our friends in Australia.